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By-Ways has been developed in order to serve your inner exploration.
Whether you are looking for intuitive coaching for your personal life,  career goals, financial goals, or in opening yourself to the healer within, there is a service available to assist you. . .
here. . .where you may find your self. . .off the beaten path.
I am a National Guild Certified Hypnotherapist and hold a degree in transpersonal psychology, with grad courses focused on counseling psychology.  In addtion, I am an intuitive reader, Reiki Master, Shamballa Master, a writer and a fellow seeker.
You are the co-creator of your life, all the services that I offer are designed to empower  you to expand, to grow and to unfold as you so desire.  I am committed to offering guidance that allows you to uncover the self you have not yet found or feel you have misplaced.
It is an honor to walk along side you in your  discovery, facilitating healing and transformation along the way.
National Guild Certified Hypnotherapist
Member American Tarot Association