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Dear Rene

Thank you for another wonderful reading!!!!! It was because the first one, a year ago, turned out to be so helpful, enlightening and inspiring and empowering that I sought out another one.  You were "right on" and many things opened and bloomed because of your counsel. You cleared up some difficult questions I was struggling with and I think I can see a way to move forward with my life with that knowledge.

Your unconditional acceptance and patience made it easy to relax and truly hear what Spirit is trying to say to me and I will always be grateful for your illuminating and hopeful and positive direction and guidance.

Thank you for your generous gift of time and wisdom. I shall be back in a few months for another reading.

Blessed Be
Wow!  You were fantastic.  You told me things and answered my questions about which you had no prior knowledge.  You are truly talented and gifted and you brought comfort and happiness to me today through your reading.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends. 
Marsha M
Wanted to thank you for helping my family find our lost puppy.  You gave us directions and actually pointed out landmarks as to where we should look.  We live in Texas (you are a thousand miles or more from us) and I wasn't even familiar with the area as we were visiting our friend's farm out in the country.  We have him home and I can say we are all VERY HAPPY and Thankful for your help.  REMARKABLE!!
Blessings to you,
Marsha M